Challenge Course & Team Building


“If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?” ~ T.S. Eliot


At Seneca Hills we understand that each individual is called to something great.  That each of us is being stretched, molded and shaped.

Seneca Hills Edge Adventures utilizes our low and high element challenge course and other teambuilding activities to stimulate this growth in individuals and groups.  Our staff can design and facilitate for all ages and we will create a design that best serves you and your group’s needs.

These experiences are not limited to our outdoor course.  If weather is a concern, indoor options are available.  In addition, we travel.  Though we would love for you to visit us on our 250 acre property, we can facilitate anywhere.


Getting comfortable together can take some time.  It also takes opportunities to learn about and interact with the people in your group.  Contact us and we will be glad to facilitate activities to help your group “break the ice”.

Low Course

We have 16 stationary low course elements available for your group to use with one of our trained facilitators.  Our staff will use low elements to assist you and your group to identify places of need and attention.  Even though we stay on the ground, low course elements provide distinct challenges that a high element cannot. Your entire group is always actively involved in each element.  Some elements require brain over brawn.  Regardless, it is our goal to move your group towards better understanding the individuals who comprise it as well as how to work successfully together.

High Course

Our high course is comprised of nine dynamic belay elements.  This includes one indoor element, the Pamper Platform, and our Zip Line.  We will teach your group to team belay to support each individual as they climb up to 35’ in the air.  Our staff will facilitate each experience to assist your group in identifying places of growth and celebrate life together.


Contact us today to inquiry how we can design your next adventure.



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